How Blockchain Technology Can Improve Election Transparency?

Blockchain Technology is rapidly increasing and becoming the fastest growing industry. From Data sharing, Digital IDs, Property transfers to Weapons tracking and Equity trading and more, blockchain technology is behind almost every enterprise.

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Will Blockchain Help Improve Election Transparency?

Election through blockchain technology is kind of mobile voting which utilizes a safe and tested interface. It is focused on eliminating fraudulent activities which often occurs during election. Once, all these scams gets prevented from the system, citizens can have full faith on the electoral process.

Report states that the citizens residing in foreign countries can also vote to their respective candidates and fulfill their basic right.

Pete Martin, CEO of Voten and a proponent of online voting says that they are two years away from major online elections operating in the Blockchain for US. As Government is changing, the process of electing the candidate is bound to change. However, Blockchain has made a important in the system.

Blockchain technology is a benign gadget for the election commission to maintain clarity in the process of elections. It aims to reduce the cost hindered in the process of elections. The technology assures to check all votes are properly counted and there is no any kind of extortion.

West Virginia have used Blockchain technology where a voter identity is verified using biometric tools like thumbprint scan before voting on a mobile device. Each and every vote becomes a part of chain as well as it is automatically validates by the third party member. The process will record all the data on a publicly verifiable ledger and maintains the identity of voters. The results of the elections are immediately receives once polling gets completed.

Exploring blockchain technology  

A open source doesn’t have any proprietary components and allows citizens or authorities to inspect the functionality of the system. It contributes to enhance the security of blockchain technology. The Start up companies like Democracy Earth Foundation, Follow My vote, democracy org, VoteWatcher, Milvum and VotoSocial are escalating from few years and are working for open source online voting application which follows the open data philosophy.

The National Conference of State Legislatures have described various considerations for embracing electronic transmission of ballots. It includes all the features like privacy, security of elections, security of voter’s computer, denial of service attack, voter coercion, auditability, verification and aggravation for the local election official. However, the technology is been tested and is accessible at a reasonably cost.

Well, Blockchain technology has come up with new features. Therefore, it allows citizens to vote digital and ensures transparency for the same. It has blended the calm of digital voting with the immutability of Blockchain and makes voting easy and simple. Isn’t it amazing to know how Blockchain technology is been using in all our day-to-day activities.

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