Blockchain Startups to Tackle Internet’s Challenges

These platforms have been strategically built to tackle the major flaws of different industries.

The realization that blockchain technology can do much more than just creating cryptocurrencies. IT is driving the rise of next-generation platforms.

CNBC highlighted three blockchain-based platforms tackling internet’s flaws. The report revealed that companies are starting to design frameworks that will utilize blockchain to create innovative solutions.

Current Media

On September 8, CNBC reported that Dan Novaes stated that his company current media has emerged to proffer innovative solutions. Novaes cofounder and CEO of Current Media revealed that many existing platforms have not protected the privacy of their users.

Recently, data privacy controls have come to the forefront as a result of revelations like Facebook-Cambridge analytical scandal. In addition, there was a reform of the EU data protection rules released in 2018.

Current Media is a platform which allows content providers and users to get rewards for contributing to the platform. The CRNC token will be the incentive given to users for viewing and creating contents.

Novaes added that the platform will be partnering with media streaming giants like Apple Music and Spotify. He went on to claim that lots of people will rather listen to music for free on the platform, instead of subscribing to traditional streaming websites.


In addition, CNBC revealed that another blockchain based platform has been developed to eliminate fake news. Adam Simmons the co-founder of Verasity told CNBC that his company has created a platform that would curb fake news. Like current media, veracity will also be rewarding content creators and users with tokens dubbed Vera tokens.


Further, in the article, CNBC stated that a blockchain platform – RightMesh- allows people living in countries with restricted internet access to its network. It explained that RightMesh will be bypassing the web in order to allow users to connect to its p2p blockchain system.

The CEO of RightMesh John Lyotier revealed that users can connect to the platform via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. He added that the token of the platform is Remish which will be the reward for sharing and viewing contents.

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