Blockchain Startup Pouches Away Google’s Messaging Tech Guru

On Friday, Ripple Labs Inc, a Blockchain tech startup firm, informed Reuters that it has hired Amir Sarhangi.

Until his appointment, Amir had been working for Google, as the vice president of its products. He had been the leader of Google’s rollout of an innovative wireless messaging product.

Ripple Inc. is a San Francisco company that has become one of the fastest growing startups. Its aim is to capitalize on the tech that uses cryptocurrencies. The firm stated that it was happy to have Amir as leading the development of a worldwide payments network called the RippleNet.

Googles’ Take

Google did not respond when Reuter contacted it to inquire about Amir departure. Amir was the head of rich communication services or RCS at Google until his appointment by Ripple Labs Inc. Amir joined Google in 2015 through its acquisition of Jibe Mobile.

Jibe Mobile is a startup that he founded and managed. It develops tech for wireless carriers to install rich communication services. Ripple Labs Inc believes that Amir will bring a lot of experience and skill to help the RippleNet grow faster. As he has the experience of working with a startup.

RCS SMS Texting System

RCS aims to solve the challenges of SMS texting as it deals with commercial and multimedia messages better. Hence, its applications include airline boarding passes, receipts, and over cell networks. Google believes that it will soon take over from SMS texting and be the leading messaging system in the world.

Actually, Google views the commercial that uses a potential income generator. This has made it sign agreements with different device manufacturers. It has also made deals with wireless carriers to incorporate the RCS system in their devices and systems.

The Challenge

But, broad implementation has not been effective due to issues with two major gadget markers. The first is Apple Inc, which has not developed a system to support RCS on iPhones. The other one is Samsung Electronics Co. These firms have announced that they have limited support for the RCS technology.

Bottom Line

Ripple Labs seem to have scooped the talent of one of the best person when it comes to developing startups. We can only wait and see how he will help the RippleNet to grow in the industry of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency has taken over the world and can only get bigger over the next couple of years and decades.

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