Blockchain startup Dragonchain with Disney prototype

Dragonchain, blockchain startup has completed a $15 million ICOs. Since it began as a Disney prototype innovation-focused Seattle office.

Particularly, Dargonchain had originally conceived by Disney, in 2014 as a blockchain based asset management platform. Earlier, Disney employees revived the project and decide to raise funds via utility crowdsale.

During the presale for its dragon tokens (DRGN), the startup had already raised $1.4 million. Thus, it added around $13.7 billion it’s public ICO.

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The project website explains,

“We’re attempting to mix a “tried and true” classical software architecture (security and scalability) with a decentralized blockchain system, with simplified integration for those without blockchain experience, whilst allowing an organization to retain complete and explicit control over its data, processing, and network without worry about the community or public network,” the website states”.

Furthermore, the developers are into building a commercial platform. Since it will run over the blockchain and firm with blockchain products including pre-coded smart contracts. Moreover, programmers are also able to use the established languages such as Java and Python. However, developers manage utility tokens not securities in Dragon Token. It will be accepted as payment for these commercial elements of the platform.

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