New Blockchain Smartphone to Hit the Market Before Christmas

Another Blockchain Encrypted Smartphone is said to Hit The market Before Christmas.

Geneva Based cybersecurity firm Wisekey, is finalizing the production of its debut blockchain android powered smartphone, Wisephone. This phone competes favorably with already established blockchain smartphones on the Market.

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Another Blockchain Encrypted Smartphone to Hit the Market before Christmas

The Wisephone is a new smartphone equipped with blockchain technology and end-to-end encryption. The smartphone is slated to launch on November 15 for the general public. According to its developers, the phone supports Payment using blockchain, end-to-end encryption, online verification with electronic ID and many more.

Wisekey, the company behind the new smartphone says, the standard type Wisephone will hit the stores on December 15. The company further revealed that the phone will cost $556 or 0.12 Bitcoins. Another premium device called Block will reach the market in the first quarter of 2019. The company says Block would further a better built-in camera, faster processing chip, and an integrated crypto-wallet.

The company says their new smartphone Block would cost $894 or 0.19 Bitcoin. However, the phone wallet will only be activated after the Swiss regulator gives a go ahead. Official Regulator, Finma has to license Wisecoin, Wisekey’s own cryptocurrency platform before the company can proceed with any crypto related endeavors.

Wisekey CEO Carlos Moreira revealed that wise phone is an Android phone like any other with exactly the same functions. He further stated that the phone features additional protection with some areas shielded from the Android-specific security issues. This feature will allow users to safely store cryptocurrencies or other crypto assets secure. The company claims that the phone has capabilities for securing email and voice communication as well.

Wisephone Blockchain Smartphone

Why A dedicated Blockchain Phone?

Although the Android smartphone operating system has hundreds of security loopholes, attributed to its open source nature, there are cheaper alternatives. For hardcore Android users who are also cryptocurrency enthusiast, official secure applications are available. With these protected by an end to end encryption and two-factor authentication, it may appear wasteful to buy an expensive blockchain dedicated smartphone.

Many cryptocurrency companies develop their own Android application and distribute free of charge to users. The security of these apps is up to the crypto firm as the user will require only a password and a 2-factor authentication to access his account. This further reduces the need for purchasing a blockchain phone.

The primary functions of a smartphone are far from the storage of cryptocurrency, besides google improved android security systems. There is no need for spending money on protecting your vital emails, pictures, voices clips, and videos as Google already did it for you.

For non-android users, a more secure platform IOS is available with all the nice features. Never the less we wouldn’t say Blockchain phone isn’t essential for cryptocurrency enthusiast but we are saying any smartphone can easily turn to a blockchain phone.

Would you buy a blockchain phone and ditched your current smartphone? Share your comments in the comments section below and follow the discussion on Twitter.

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