Blockchain Seems Natural Technology in Banking: Says Jerry Yang

On one side, Bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies are losing their luster, blockchain technology on the other side is still developing innovative applications from banks to finance sector, says Jerry Yang.

Currently, we all are standing at a crucial juncture where the hype regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies seems fading away. However, compared to the crypto market, blockchain technology still holds its stance on deploying important applications right from banking to finance sector.

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On Thursday, Jerry Yang talks about blockchain during a panel discussion at the Nikkei Innovation Asia Forum entitling: “Rising Tides of Innovation in Asia” held at Singapore. Moreover, the founding partner at AME Cloud Ventures as well as the co-founder at Yahoo, Jerry Yang mentions:

Blockchain is a natural technology for banks and trading. If you look at U.S. institutions and banks, the kind of infrastructure that is being developed has long-term implications. For the technology to succeed, the question is can there be trust built? That can open huge amounts of doors.  

Previously during a forum discussion with David Kirkpatrick, founder of Techonomy Media, Jerry Yang shares his perspective regarding the U.S.-China conflict. This conflict seems panting within three areas: geopolitical trade, security, and ideology, where the technology was the flash-point. He expresses:

It continues to be the accelerator, both for the greater good, and for greater division. There needs to be some sort of mutual assurance and trust, which seems to be deteriorating.

A short description about Jerry Yang: He is a Taiwanese-American entrepreneur which is also a co-founder of Yahoo since 1994 along with David Filo. Moreover, he left the organization in 2012 to initiate AME Cloud Ventures, that currently offers seed funding specifically to technology startups.

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