How Blockchain Manages To Record Consent In HealthCare?

A new partnership between Rational Surgical Solutions and Blockdrive will implement blockchain technology within their Rati-Fi informed consent patient education platform.

Since 2015, Rational Surgical Solutions is a privately working corporation in developing software. Moreover, Rati-Fi® remains the only mHealth technology platform which connects the patient education as well as informed consent. Also, it improves an entirety regarding the care experience right from the beginning to the end.

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This system is looking to help healthcare providers in utilizing blockchain technology for enhancing patient care. To be more precise, it aims to reduce miscommunication occurring between patient and doctor prior to the surgery. This will, in turn, improve the efficiency, its outcomes along with revenues.

Informed consent is nothing but legalese for a procedure where patients grant permission to doctors before initiating invasive procedures or surgery. Meanwhile, patients need to sign a document specifying that they entirely understand the risks. Once it confirms then only can respective doctors proceed with their treatment.

Moreover, Dr. Jonathan Fialkov is a urologist, being the CEO and founder at Rational Surgical Solutions. He elaborates the purpose behind creating this system:

Over 14 years working at a clinic, I saw the same situations arise particularly with patients not understanding all of the implications of surgery.

Rati-fi offers educational videos assisting patients to know more about procedures and assures that patients understand the respective topic. Still, if they have any questions, then a physician is available to fill in any knowledge gaps.

Blockchain technology plays a role where a patient confirms that they understand and consent with what is happening. Then, the technology let the confirmation store safely, which is really difficult to tamper or hack. Furthermore, there is backup data always available. Fialkov states:

I have been fascinated with the potential of Blockchain technology in healthcare information technology.

According to him, there is a huge constraint on healthcare institutions to enhance security, minimize costs, and raise transaction performance. This is a case especially around patient data by offering an outstanding patient experience.

By using blockchain technology from Blockdrive seems the next logical addition to the Rati-Fi platform. Moreover, the CEO at Blockdrive, Harry Curtin adds:

Adding Blockchain capability to their Rati-Fi platform is one of the best use cases for this technology in the healthcare industry we have seen thus far.

What are your views on this new partnership between Rational Surgical Solutions and Blockdrive? Share your thoughts in our comments section. 

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