Are You Excited For Blockchain Connect Conference 2019?

This is the third time that we are hearing about organized Blockchain Connect Conference in 2019. Do you have excitement in taking a view on this conference?

Blockchain has always shown unbeatable potential along with its ongoing pace. Today, it is zooming ahead of other industrial technologies. SV Insight is trying to bring the entire space closer to what we say is Blockchain by hosting a Conference.

This event is basically a third one familiar as Blockchain Connect Conference for Academic 2019. Moreover, the term Academic seems to be a theme for this event. Are you aware of when it is going to carry out?

Blockchain Connect Conference

The date for an event for general admission is January 11, 2019, between 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM. However, there is a VIP reception available at the event on the same day as January 11, 2019, between 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The site where the event is held is at Marriott Marquis, San Francisco.

This event is about blockchain and will offer a world-class platform. Moreover, authoritative technical experts and blockchain professors can attend and discuss a blockchain academic research, issues and share their solutions to it.

Additionally, it will drive in public chain projects operating most advancing technology within the relevant domain. This panel also gives an exclusive opportunity to share new ideas and emerging technology within the blockchain industry.


The Speakers List At Blockchain Connect Conference:

  • Vitalik Buterin– The Creator of Ethereum
  • Jun Li– The Founder and Co-founder at Ontology and Onchain respectively
  • Dawn Song– The Professor at UC Berkeley and the Co-founder at Oasis Labs
  • Elaine Shi- An Associate Professor at Cornell University also being a Co-founder at IC3 and Thunder Token
  • Mic Bowman- The Research Lead at Distributed Ledger Research Group and Principal Engineer at Intel Labs,
  • David Chaum- Cryptographer as well as the Founder at DigiCash, also a CEO/Founder of Elixxir

There are following types of tickets at Blockchain Connect Conference:

  1. Early Bird Ticket
  2. General Admission Ticket
  3. VIP Ticket
  4. Early Bird Group Discount
  5. Exhibition + Speaking
  6. Exhibition Opportunities

Every type of tickets has its own cost, access, session, and many more aspects. Stay tuned with Coinpedia for latest updates about Blockchain Connect Conference for 2019 with major event happenings.

Are you the one attending the Blockchain Connect Conference 2019? Share your answers on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


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