Blockchain Company Introduces Its New Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer launches its new Bitcoin Cash block explorer to let users get every single information regarding transaction hashes, blocks, and addresses available right on the BCH blockchain.

The wallet provider company initiates their offering with a new tool specifically for users to seek into the inner workings regarding cryptocurrency. Recently, the platform announced the launch of its new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block explorer.

This is not that shocking as the company has been revealing the process of implementation from quite a time now. Moreover, this explorer is enables people to search any queries related to transaction hashes, blocks along with addresses right on the BCH blockchain.

Today, everyone dealing with cryptocurrency and blockchain are aware of what is “”. This is a popular cryptocurrency wallet provider which is currently breaking the news with its new launch announcement.

Meanwhile, the company explains an entire set of benefits with an individual perspective, especially who are not familiar with this concept. They intend to make people understand more about this tool as a browser for the blockchain.

The users using this tool can enter searches for detailed information as to check whether a transaction has confirmed. This confirmation is regarding specific Bitcoin Cash blocks, monitor market prices, view the balance of a wallet address, and even they can now keep an eye on real-time network transactions. According to the team at

As more cryptocurrencies develop and grow, providing direct access and insight across networks is crucial. Blockchain Explorer is the most trusted source for blockchain data. Our focus has always been on providing the most up to date and accurate information available. Today, we’re excited to introduce Bitcoin Cash to the existing lineup of supported cryptocurrencies on our Explorer. You can now search for BTC/ETH/BCH transaction hashes, blocks and addresses in a single search bar.

On the other hand, this Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tool is the only third block explorer which is backed by Hence, following Bitcoin Core (BTC) as well as Ethereum (ETH). While the platform introduced another service previous month, the team specifies to receive many queries regarding bitcoin cash rather than any other crypto asset backed by the Blockchain Wallet.

Back in January, has also introduced Blockchain Primers, which is an educational tool. Majority of the user today knows about this service. It mainly offers a relatively concise crypto asset overview like their background material, latest market analysis and data.

Moreover, the initial report that was issued on it was BCH introduction; they also mentioned the advantages over BTC. According to the research, it consists of lower average transaction fees, higher onchain transaction capacity/throughput, along with some additional smart contract functionality.

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Blockchain Company Introduces Its New Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer
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