Block.One CEO : Donald Trump Should Use Blockchain To Revive America

Brendan Blumer, the CEO at recently prompts the US President, Donald Trump to consider Blockchain Technology for the coming revolution within the financial markets.

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    Blumer is not only a provocative bombast that suggests how the blockchain implications must attract the traditional philosophies relating a current administration. Moreover, he also explains the characteristics of regulations that need to make out a breeding ground for many more innovations.

    Regulations are mutually agreed sets of constraints designed to increase security, transparency, and interoperability of markets. Blockchain regulates data transmission and storage to accomplish the same digitally.

    Brendan Blumer continues to explain the current scenario and system which seems over-regulating sustaining a major hurdle in technological progress. He also tweets saying:

    He even outlines that the regulatory rules can still be more transparent if we start implementing blockchain technology on it. Also, Blumer manages one among the biggest Blockchain Company. This position makes him a notable authority to prompt the US agency change their archaic situations for the betterment.

    Previously, it was an issue as the government authority happens to be more comfortable to join changes for making a better system. Blumer also believes that if Donald Trump considers the emerging technology further, this move can easily steer America to its next level of digital prosperity.

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