Blackberry Implements Blockchain in Healthcare by Global Partnerships

During the recent BlackBerry Security Summit Announcements, BlackBerry has detailed a list of new partnerships.

BlackBerry’s partnerships in healthcare is to improve patient outcome via using EoT (Enterprise of Things) and BlackBerry Spark Platform. Executive Chairman and CEO at BlackBerry, John Chen says,

We are applying our expertise in security, data privacy, and communication work in industries regulations. These include automotive, financial services, and government. 

Basically, to tackle one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry. Leveraging healthcare endpoints to improve patient outcomes while ensuring security and data privacy.

BlackBerry decides to use its Network Operation Centre (NOC) to power blockchain digital ledger by ONEBIOThis blockchain will provide an ultra-secure global ecosystem for storing and sharing medical data. Data from labs, IoT biometric devices and others can enter into this ledger and anonymize before sharing to the researchers. This is one such application of this technology.

blockchain in Healthcare

Moreover, Blackberry offers this solution to an organization, Global Commission. This firm helps kids with rare diseases that are left undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. This is under the Shire, another leading institution focusing on rare diseases. These institutions will explore how BlackBerry’s new solution provide real-time, actionable analysis shortening time to diagnosis. However, new partnerships include,

  • Global Commission
  • Mackenzie Innovation Institute
  • Melanoma Institute Australia

There are many more also announcing a new QNX OS for Medical 2.0. Among other products, QNX OS for Medical 2.0 is a real-time operating system for development of robotic surgical instruments, infusion pumps, blood analysis systems, patient monitoring systems and others that need to pass stringent regulatory approvals.

BlackBerry Spark

BlackBerry controls 50 percent of all the global smartphone market. It dominates the market with its QWERTY keyboard and other business-friendly features that lure customers. However, in 2016, the firm said to control less than 0.1 percent of the smartphones. However, reportedly a new phone will be launched on October 10.

BlackBerry diversifies itself into a new technology ‘Blockchain’ indicating the firm’s move into the promising field.

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