Bittrex To Launch A US Dollar(USD) Market For Bitcoin SV(BSV)

Bittrex plans to launch a US dollar(USD) market for Bitcoin SV(BSV) on December 27.

The premier US-based blockchain platform, Bittrex announces the launch of US dollar(USD) market for Bitcoin SV(BSV) on december 27. This platform announces that all the eligible Bittrex accounts will be auto enabled for US dollar trading. Also elaborates that the ineligible accounts can also enable US dollar trading. They can do so by submitting a request. Those who wish to withdraw/deposit US dollars through wire need to submit an application. The users operating outside US or in any of the US states/territories are eligible to participate.

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In case of requesting to add bittrex accounts to USD markets the user needs to submit application. This application requires some of the basic information about the user. Bittrex accounts allows two account types: Fiat (USD) Trading Only and USD Trading, USD deposits, USD Withdrawals.

In case of Fiat trading only, the user cannot enable USD withdrawals or deposits. The user can trade the USD markets, but if the user wants to withdraw accumulated USD then he needs to first sell to one of the supported USD cryptocurrencies and withdraw as any other cryptocurrencies are withdrawn.

In case of Fiat Trading, USD deposits, USD Withdrawals, no initial deposits are necessary. The user can deposit USD from and withdraw to their own approved bank account. Users can have multiple accounts as well.

Bittrex is planning to explore new, innovative blockchain projects and market opportunities like fiat. This  announcement is just the beginning of the upcoming opportunities. The upcoming year awaits for Bittrex business expansion as it aims to provide new and exciting opportunities for its users.

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