Bittrex Invests in Malta-Based Blockchain Company Palladium

Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange invests 10 percent stake in Palladium, which is a Malta-based blockchain firm.

The U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, Bittrex that currently holds 18th position in terms of total average trade volume. However, the news report says that the company invests 10 percent of its shares in Palladium.

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Bittrex came into existence in 2014 by the three cyber security engineers. They took the initiative to offer the cryptocurrency wallets, real-time trade execution, and affirm security practices.

The shareholders of Palladium are Investar Holding which currently possess around 85 percent of the firm, and Unikrn around 15 percent. Investar is one of the holding firms entirely under Prof. Catalfamo. While Unikrn came into existence by the former CEO at Microsoft Ventures, Rahul Scood currently located in Las Vegas being an E-Sports leader.

Back in July, Palladium has also shared their plans on distributing worth $150 million tokens in the Initial Convertible Coin Offering (ICCO). This was done by signing an agreement with Bittrex and Unikrn E-Sports bookmaker. This was then schedule to start from 25th July.

According to the report, at the moment, a Palladium shareholder includes the Investar Holding and Unikrn. However, Investar Holding and Unikrn own 85 and 15 percent of the company share respectively.

Bittrex is a platform whose technology is purposely build to power the cryptocurrency trading platforms. However, they aim is to offer reliability and security being the US leader across global blockchain revolution.

The founder and chairman at Palladium, Paolo Catalfamo says,

We are excited to have such a global player on board. Bittrex’s investment in Palladium is a confirmation of Malta’s sound decision to be at the forefront of regulating blockchain technology.

Palladium has made an announcement previous month after launching the world’s initial entirely regulatory token convertible warrant. This was to provide the investors a peace of mind together with giving them a stake in the cryptocurrency space.

Their problem of a token convertible warrant is under regulation by a prospectus approval by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Also, they are subject to stringent European Union rules and also investors authority for converting the tokens into Palladium shares. However, this was made three years after the date issuance.

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