Bittrex Announces Its Market Availability Changes For U.S. Customers

The market availability changes for U.S. customers will be effective on June 21 & June 28. After this, certain markets will no longer be able to accessible to U.S customers. However, this change will not affect the availability of these markets on Bittrex International for non-US customers.

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On June 21, 2019, the following markets will transition to Bittrex International:


Also on June 28, 2019, these markets will transition to Bittrex International:


Bittrex will send email confirmation to all the U.S. customers providing guidance on what they can and cannot do with their affected Tokens/Coins.

Before the change date:

  • Before the change date, the U.S. customers can buy or sell tokens/coins in all markets.
  • Cancel/Cancel-and-Replace Orders: If you wish to cancel an order, navigate to “Orders” page and under “Open Orders” click the red button with an X. Also, to cancel-and-replace an open order, navigate to the markets page for the token and adjust your price to the market price.
  • Withdraw Assets: While withdrawing assets, login to Later, click on the wallets link, search for the desired Token/Coin and then click the withdrawal icon to open the withdraw dialog. Eventually, initiate the normal withdrawal process.

After the change date:

  • After the change of date, the U.S. customers will not be able to buy/sell the above-listed tokens/coins. Bittrex announces that on the change date, their systems will automatically cancel all open orders in the affected markets for U.S. Customers.
  • The U.S. customers can withdraw or continue to hold Bittrex wallet affected tokens/coins as long as bIttrex International will support a market in those tokens/coins.
  • However, Non-U.S. Customers can access those markets that continue to be listed on Bittrex International.

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