Bitstamp Announced Trading Of Bitcoin Cash

Bitstamp is a one of the Europe’s biggest Bitcoin marketplace enabling the users globally to buy and sell Bitcoins. It has recently announced to start its trading on Bitcoin Cash, a hard fork of Bitcoin occurred on August 1, 2017.

Bitstamp CEO Nejc Kodric said

“We get requests from our users who want to trade it, we want to be as agnostic as possible so we look at the system, and if we believe there is sufficient demand and there will be trading and trading volume, we’re going to list it.”

The trading of Bitcoin cash will launch in the first week of December. This step indicates the soaring interest among user for acceptance of cryptocurrency. Most of the hardcore Bitcoiners projected that this would be the potential threat to the top cryptocurrency.

Hence, the team of Bitcoiners who were ideologically against with the revolution plans of the Bitcoin created the near-clone of Bitcoin in August. However, the present market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash is $20 billion compared to the market cap of Bitcoin’s $137 billion.

Kodric simply explained by considering an example of the rivalry between the Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Coca-Cola created and provided the sweet, bubbly drink, dark for the consumers. But the Pepsi duplicated everything nearly to 100% from Coca-Cola and advertised the product with large bottles. That is exactly what is happening here between the Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash at the moment.

Therefore, now we are having two different types of cryptocurrencies similar to the technology.

The users of the Bitstamp requested to start the trade of Bitcoin Cash as the Bitstamp is allowing the users to trade whatever they like.

H also said

 “We’re just a marketplace where people can go with their money. We’re not doing any harm to Bitcoin or anything beneficial to Bitcoin Cash.”

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