Newly Launched User-Friendly Crypto Wallet Competes With MetaMask

Bitski, a new cypto wallet platform, has officially launched this week. It claims to provide a user-friendly application for users and developers.

Most beginners have always found it unpleasant to use blockchain and cryptocurrency applications; they sometimes look like users weren’t considered in the design process. However, Bitski, a new crypto wallet platform claim they have built a wallet that is user-friendly.

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Launch of Bitski

Bitski officially opened its beta this week, allowing developers to begin integrating the single sign-on cryptocurrency wallets directly into their apps. TechCrunch reports that ten projects have already lined up to pay a fee to integrate Bitski’s SDK.

Bitski’s vision is to solve user onboarding and wallet usability for developers so that they can in-turn focus on creating unique and useful DApps, said Bitski CEO Donnie Dinch.

Crypto Wallet Competes With MetaMask

Using the Bitski Wallet

The wallet works in a way that when a user wants to make a payment, their app pops open a Bitski authorization screen. Basically, where users can then grant permissions to access their ID, send money or receive items. Users only have to sign up once with Bitski, and there’s no need to put in long private keys afterward.

According to Bitski’s website, wallet users can access the same wallet from any browser or device. That is similar to MetaMask, an application that allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser. Also, the storage of private keys is on enterprise-grade Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Hosted wallets can link directly to decentralized applications, blockchain games and more.

“One of the great challenges for protocol teams and product companies in crypto today is the poor UX in dapps, specifically onboarding, transactions, and sign-in/password recovery,” added Dinch.

Bitski previously raised $1.5 million in pre-seed capital from some organizations. Those include Steve Jang’s Kindred Ventures, Signia, Founders Fund, Village Global and Social Capital. As stated by the CEO, Bitski’s aim to resolve user onboarding and make wallet easy to use for developers. He says ease of usability will help developers “focus on creating unique and useful Dapps.”

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