Bitsdaq, Partner of Bittrex To Start New Product & Biteeu Launches New Platform

Bittrex’s exchange partner, ‘Bitsdaq’ announced they are launching a new product in Q2 2019. The product is the Bitsdaq Launchpad in Macau, Singapore, and Canada. The Launchpad with advanced technology helps blockchain projects obtain contributions directly from users of the Bitsdaq Exchange.


The CEO of Bitsdaq, Ricky Ng, says

Bitsdaq Launchpad will bring more top projects to the users. Also, they will connect users to projects that have cleared a full rigor process before launching. Bitsdaq Launchpad will help project owners to focus more on development and project applications.

Bitsdaq came into existence in January 2019, gaining more than 2 million registered users, which is average 26,700 new registered users per day.  Due to early user interest and to offer a better service to users, Bitsdaq has temporarily stopped the trading service to upgrade the system and security protocols.

Bitsdaq re-opened deposit and trading on April 12 and it will restore the withdrawal function by April 26. Bitsdaq will also help users with one-on-one follow-ups, who experiences trading issues.

Biteeu To Launch New Platform

Bittrex and Biteeu DCX OÜ partner to launch a new digital trading platform. It also aims to leverage its cutting-edge technology to provide customers a secure, reliable and advanced trading platform.

Basically, Biteeu DCX OÜ will provide users full technical support in Estonia and in the European Union.

The platform supports multiple languages, from English, Russian to Chinese. Also, it will be available on mobile devices for both Android and iOS.

Moreover, the Biteeu platform is also launching more than 50 digital assets and along with Bittrex, it will be looking to add more digital assets which are available on both the Bittrex and Bittrex International platforms.

We are honored to be in partnership with Bittrex. This partnership sets very high standards for Biteeu virtual currency exchange, especially in terms of compliance and security.

  • Biteeu DCX OÜ Chairman Shukhrat Ibragimov

The Biteeu platform will provide customers in Estonia and the region with a reliable, secure, and advanced trading option along with liquidity and the world’s most innovative blockchain projects.

    – Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara.

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