Bitrue Joins Binance In Making Ripple’s XRP A Base Currency

Singapore-based digital assets exchange, Bitrue, has declared on-board all XRP trading pairs in the next couple of months.

Earlier, Bitrue owned a 2% holding of Ripple’  s XRP total market. The company has now joined Binance to bring  all XRP trading pairs on-board. The deal is expected to be completed in the next couple of months. Bitrue, is a Singapore-based digital assets exchange. It stated that it will include 5 XRP trading pairs in the first week of January. This will encourage crypto faithfuls to state the cryptocurrency trading pairs they will like to see on the platform.

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At this moment, Bitrue has 16 XRP trading pairs. Their company released a statement saying, they will happily be on-boarding all the XRP trading pairs. This is likely to occur in the next couple of months. There are plans to add 5 pairs in the 1st week of the new year. Thus, they plead for followers to give a shout on their most needed XRP pair.

Bitrue Holding 2% Of Total XRP Transactions

Some days ago, Cointelegraph published chief executive of Bitrue, Curis Wang statements. According to reports, he said the exchange surpassed Poloniex and Bittrex in terms of volume of XRP traded daily. According to Curis, Bitrue now holds 2 percent of total XRP transactions.

Ripple’s XRP has been experiencing growth since the beginning of the year. Later, it was announced that Binance was making XRP a base pair. It joins CoinField that has done the same. The digital currency has xRapid to its success. When the remittance tool was launched by Ripple, some fintech companies stated that they will be using the tool. There is also a very high possibility that xRapid will increase the number of users of XRP. This is because it depends solely on the digital currency.


2018 A Critical Year For RippleNet

Marcus Treacher, is the Global head of strategic account at Ripple. Today, he gave a review of 2018. To him, 2018 has been a critical year for RippleNet and Ripple’s customers. He mentioned that Ripple connects around 40 countries this year. This means that Ripple app like Santander One Pay FX services carried out in 2018. Ripple has been working to ensure that XRP becomes a worldwide digital currency. The blockchain startup alongside XRP aims at becoming the monarch of cross-border remittance in the future.

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