BitPay Wallet App for Windows Phone Has Prepaid Visa Debit Card Integration

BitPay-the Global Payment Gateway service provider has now rolled out with a new feature. It has now introduced a BitPay Wallet App for Windows Phone which is integrated with prepaid Visa Debit Card.

BitPay Wallet App for Windows Phone

With this feature, Users can now manage and control their Bitcoin finances in open source venue.  The App is featuring with simplicity and security of the Copay Wallet. Specifically, Prepaid Visa Debit Card and Company’s consumer payments ecosystem have the identical feature of Copay wallet.

The Copay wallet was launched in the year 2015 in Windows phone which was the prevalent Bitcoin wallet in Windows phone. Along with this feature, several users have been requesting a wallet phone App subsequently.

It is also reported that there is intermittent Bitcoin App available on Windows phone & this App is one of them.

Microsoft and Bitcoin

In 2015, Microsoft’s Azure cloud service platform is integrated with Bitpay’s Bitcore Bitcoin Development Platform. Back in 2014, Microsoft was popular companies accepting Bitcoin payment via Bitpay.

The company has made a commitment to smart contracts and blockchain technology. Furthermore, the Bitpay wallet is the substance for the future smart contract projects. Nonetheless, Windows Phone App Ecosystem is an additional benefit to Bitpay from Microsoft.

Conversion of Bitcoin to Dollars

Through Bitpay Visa Prepaid Debit Card, the Wallet App can convert Bitcoin into dollars. Along with, the buying and selling of Bitcoin on an exchange can also be possible. It certifies Bitcoin users create a link among their traditional and digital finances without having to leave Bitpay in any way.

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