Bitnovo introduced loaded Bitcoin cards for Spain residents

Bitnovo offers Bitcoin Voucher Cards for Spain residents

Bitnovo-the Bitcoin payment platform announced a facility for Spanish. They can now purchase redeemable bitcoin cards at 50 of the famous carrefour retail shops exists across the country.

Counting as the second most popular market for Carrefour, Spain can now be recommended via this company which is operating across 30 countries worldwide. Furthermore, Bitnovo is launching 4000 new physical location across the country and the sale of Carrefour redeemable bitcoin card is the part of this launch.

Here is what Bitnovo has officially announced “With our eagerness to continue bolstering cryptocurrency to all the corners of the planet we have launched a new product”

Without any registration process, Spain residents can buy Bitcoin

Spanish residents can buy the redeemable bitcoin cards without registration via debit or credit card. These are available at a store’s gift card rack along with restaurant coupons, retail store vouchers and Itunes cards.

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In order to purchase Bitnovo loaded bitcoin card, users can visit any one of the fifty partnering locations and then selecting card with desired amount. Furthermore, the company is giving an option of redeeming the card instantly into any BTC- based wallet. It involves two steps, entering PIN tethered to purchase card with forwarding bitcoin address.

The gift card format is ideal to give as a gift and to initiate your relatives or friends into the exciting world of cryptocurrency,” Bitnovo states. “With our cards, you do not have to keep bitcoin with us; you can store it in your favorite wallet and just convert the bitcoin when necessary. It’s a very quick process, with no logins or registrations, as simple as it gets.

Competition –  Bitnovos bitcoin card

247 exchange is a primary competitor to Bitnovos bitcoin card. The company sells loaded Bitcoin vouchers that is issued by Neosurf (a France-based company).

However, in 2015 there was a company called Coinay who started an attempt for loaded Bitcoin voucher but failed. In this regard, trading platform states digital currencies are available at many local stores which uses Neosurf prepaid card system. Otherwise, only Bitnovo could enjoy monopoly in Spain and produce Bitcoin voucher cards for Spanish resident now.

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