Bitmain Technologies Ltd. Launches Crypto Mining Facility in Texas

Bitmain Technologies Ltd, is launching a crypto mining facility in Texas, United States, with a tax abatement extending over 10 years period in the state.

The Chinese company behind the most successful bitcoin mining ASICs line, Bitmain Technologies Ltd, is launching a crypto mining facility in Texas, United States. The cryptocurrency mining facility is fully equipped with a state of the Art data center at a former aluminum smelting plant. It is reported that the company is getting a tax abatement extending over 10 years period in the state.

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Bitcoin Launches Bitcoin Mining Farm in Texas

On Monday Bitcoin Technologies Ltd. revealed the launch of its latest blockchain data center and cryptocurrency mining plant located on the countryside of the U.S State of Texas. The company further revealed that this is part of its major strategic investment and expansion plans within North America.

The facility is located at Rockdale about 50, miles northeast of Texas major city Austin. The local population in the area is estimates about 5,595. The facility occupies part of Alcoa Rockdale operation site. Therefore, it includes an aluminum smelting plant and a recently-closed coal-burning power plant.

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The County Judge of Milam, Dave Barkemeyer confirmed in an interview that Bitmain is setting up facilities in the county. The construction of the facility is underway and expecting to be completed in the last quarter of 2018. The firm’s data center will kick off in the first quarter of 2019 according to reports from Bitmain.

More than 400 Jobs to opened  and $500 million invested

Bitmain is pouring in more than $500 million in the investment on the facility which will be expends within a period of seven years. The company believes that more than 400 local jobs in the county of Rockdale alone. In the meantime the country is recruiting for multiple positions, ranging from senior managers, sales, and finance to engineers and technicians.

According to reports, the new jobs that bitmain created will improve the living condition of a lot of people. However, given the relatively high rate of unemployment in the county. Bitmain offers an averagely high wage rate compared to what other employers in the state of Texas pays.

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