BitGo announces Segwit2x hard fork based on market price

BitGo, bitcoin wallet service has announced its policy on the imminent Segwit2x hard fork. Considerately scheduled to take place on nearly Nov 16.

Eventually, BitGo intends to provide support for both blockchains but mainly restoring service for the “the most viable chain”. Mike Belshe, BitGo co-founder that although the company “would very much like to see one chain emerge after the fork”, bitcoin will split into two competing blockchains.

Belshe says,

“BitGo will be supporting the most viable chain as quickly as possible (based primarily on market price), and will support the minority chain a few weeks thereafter”.

Considerately, the much speculation about how BitGo would approach the fork. Belshe that lead the project for Segwit2x and optimizing about a successive hard fork. Nonetheless, BitGo is not a signatory to the New York Agreement (NYA).

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Moreover, the eventual outcome of the fork is predictable. The BitGo’s appearance is more favorable to the incumbent blockchain compared to Coinbase, Blockchain, and Xapo. Subsequently, Segwit2x along with majority miner support that policy prefers the forked chain.

Consequently, it is profitable for incumbent blockchain when its matter of market price.  However, few exchanges have Segwit2x futures with more price fluctuations. Therefore, a value of chain split tokens has increased as the fork has grown larger but still remain far less valuable those of the incumbent chain.

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Image Source: Segwit2x Hard fork

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