Bitcoin’s Bullish Days Approaching Soon-Stack more coins at the Dip


    Bitcoin recently reached a milestone by reaching 100 million users, most of them having more than one bitcoin address

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could be listed in one of the stock exchanges subject to the regulatory clearance

More Users with Huge bitcoin addresses

According to research conducted by University of Cambridge, Bitcoin has surpassed a milestone of 100 million in terms of users. The study initially started in 2017, conducts research every year on a topic related to digital assets.


The top points recorded in the research highlighted the 90 percent of the users having more than 1 bitcoin address. Researchers believe 100 million bitcoin users own nearly 191 million addresses, among them 400,000 are daily bitcoin users.

Currently, bitcoin is trading with a very narrow margin, resembling a stable coin. At press time, Bitcoin is priced at $10,543.65 with a gain of 0.9 percent. After swing within $10800 to $10950, Bitcoin was expected to break $11000 anytime, but unfortunately, it again slipped back below the $10600 region.

However, the bitcoin community is still bullish on Bitcoin and speculate a major breakout with the latest market sentiments filled with positivity.

The uncertainty being surrounding the fiat space for many months, due to many reasons, the investors were in search of a safe haven asset to safeguard their funds. Some found their safe havens in gold but many found in Bitcoin and also converted their cash reserves into Bitcoin.

With the ongoing trend, Zimbabwe stock exchange(ZSE) is open to list bitcoin and cryptocurrencies subject to regulatory approvals. ZSE’s CEO Justin Bgoni said its licensed subsidiary, the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange is open to list the cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. 

Collectively, the bitcoin narrow swing did not demotivate the community. They in turn believe that Bitcoin is the only coin worth holding to fetch the maximum profit. However, it has broken the previous record by maintaining above $10000 for more than 65 days.

Therefore, a major push is required which might be expected any time in coming days, which can take the bitcoin price to new ATH.

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