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Bitcoin(dot)Com to Sponsor One Championship Female Mixed Martial Artist Mei Yamaguchi is sponsoring Mei Yamaguchi who meets Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee in a fight on May 18. Yamaguchi, who has participated in 27 professional fights also met Lee in a fight last year.  

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Unstoppable Dreams is the name of the next One female MMA Championship match pitting Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee against Japanese Mei Yamaguchi.

Angela Lee

The rematch fight will take place on May 18th in Singapore and will headline the One Championship in Singapore. The two also met in an internationally acclaimed fight last year.

To that effect, will be supporting and sponsoring Mei Yamaguchi.

Bitcoin Cash CEO Roger Ver sat down recently with Yamaguchi and they had a video chat discussing her career. The video shows Yamaguchi download her first BCH wallet and Ver sending her $1,000 worth of Bitcoin Cash instantly.

The artist explains that she started training in Los Angeles California when she was young, saying she wanted to be like Jackie Chan. She watched his movies and her parents took her to a fighting academy.

She then moved to Japan at nine years and now teaches MMA. She learned Jiu-Jitsu from one instructor who was teaching her Karate. She found it was “wonderful”.

She has fought in 27 professional fights. She also practices submission grappling and shoots boxing.

Also, fans can bet on the fight using Bitcoin Cash, depending on where the fans are.

What is your take on Bitcoin Cash’s support for Mei Yamaguchi? And who will you be supporting? Share your opinions on Twitter and Telegram

Image Source: Angela Lee

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