Bitcoin is Finished And Will Have No Value by 2019- Calvin Ayre

Calvin Ayre, the founder of Bitcoin Cash and one of the leaders of BTC Satoshi Vision, recently aired his view, saying the renowned cryptocurrency will become worthless in 2019.

A year ago, Bitcoin attained a record-breaking high of about $20,000. However, currently, its fortune seems to have turned around and it’s about to hit an all-time low. This led Canadian-Antiguan entrepreneur, Calvin Ayre, into predicting a further decline for the cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin Declining  And Soon To Be Extinct

During an interview with Express, the Canadian-Antiguan entrepreneur spoke about the cryptocurrency. He believes Bitcoin is deliberately on a decline and will no longer be in existence by 2019.

According to him, his prediction is because the currency has no utility, doesn’t do anything and is deliberately anti-scaling. He also made comments of this on Twitter saying:

Hard Fork Reason For Bitcoin’s Troubles?

A month ago, billionaire Ayre forced the hard fork. He did this by splitting one currency into two separate new ones. This period was described as the civil war between BCH entrepreneurs. In the end, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was divided to become Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV.

The ABC (Adjustable Blocksize Cap) breakaway was led by Roger Ver and Jihan Wu of Bitmain, as they faced off against Mr. Ayre and his British cohort Dr. Craig Wright.

The ABC camp wanted to maintain the block size at 32MB. But, Dr. Wright and Mr. Ayre wanted to increase it to 128MB. A higher block size limit means the currency attached has lesser tendency to struggle under pressure.

Most critics are attributing the blame for Bitcoin’s current troubles to Calvin Ayre and Dr. Wright. Some days after the split, Bitcoin collapsed into volatility. This has led to a fall in price to about $3,200 this morning.

Ayre, while commenting on the issue, rejected the claims. He turned down any indication that the hard fork was carried out to intentionally destabilize Bitcoin. To him, the hard fork was a distraction. But, the downturn is because the SegWit coin that’s still wrongly called bitcoin now follows the old-fashioned financial trends.

People erroneously focus on market cap rather than scalability and actual usability, he added. Due to the criticism from different fronts. Ayre, went on twitter saying:

By Q1 of 2019, the roadmap for both Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV is expected to be laid. The original asset will be listed by Nasdaq. Analysts also have their sights to see what momentum BSV will attract after Christmas.

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