Bitcoin Unlimited Proposes Strategy for the Upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

The lead developer at Bitcoin Unlimited on the August 21 revealed a proposed strategy for the upcoming November 2018 BCH hard fork.

Andrew Stone, the lead developer at Bitcoin Unlimited on August 21 revealed a proposed strategy for the upcoming November 2018 BCH hard fork. He explained that the strategy would implement a consensus change based on the distinct proposals of both the two full client nodes in the fork. He, however, mentioned that participants would vote for features the fork will adapt from the two proposals.

Bitcoin Unlimited Lead developer Proposers BCH Hard fork Strategy

There is a heated debate within the Bitcoin Cash community regarding the latest Bitcoin ABC 0.18.0 release.  And also its distinction from the upcoming Nchain Client Bitcoin SV. Both Bitcoin ABC 0.18.0 and Nchain Client Bitcoin SV are competing to be the main feature for the November 2018 BCH update. If both of these two soft wares proceed successfully, the Bitcoin cash blockchain will split into two.

Just after the release of Bitcoin ABC 0.18.0 software, Bitcoin Unlimited’s lead developer Andrew Stone published a plan he developed for the hard fork. The plan code-named BUIP098 is presented as Bitcoin Unlimited proposed strategy for the November 2018 Bitcoin Cash hard fork.

Stone Revealed;

“There are 2 changesets the November 2018 hard fork. However that have a variety of supporters but can analysis as coming from Bitcoin ABC and Nchain. It is ironic that these changesets are mutually compatible, yet both groups reject the other’s changes”.

Logically thinking, there is some downside of every proposal, but the core reason for rejecting a proposal is the attempt in avoiding group tokenization. In fact, fewer changes should be preferable because every change comes with a new risk to the system.

The Hustle to Reach a Consensus

Furthermore, Stone proposes a strategy for Bitcoin Unlimited future stating that the client’s message will be “Run Bitcoin Unlimited to vote for the compromise”. This implies that Bitcoin Unlimited will incorporate both changesets proposed by Nchain and Bitcoin ABC. Stone further explain the two ways the updates can be live saying;

“Either be activates via BIP135 (a form of BIP9 miner voting via version bits), explicit configuration. Else (development time and feasibility permitting) emergent consensus”.

On that note, using BIP135, a less intense voting process will allow individual features of the two upgrades to gain consensus before patching. Meanwhile allowing explicit configuration, will simply allow users to turn on or off a feature. This may cause people running the BUcash full node to react to any hash-power increase.

Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto built the Bitcoin algorithm to allow updates by the bitcoin community before a consensus is on one. However individual selfish gain could be a backtrack. And is the sole reasons for a number of proposed updates on the main bitcoin protocol.

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