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Bitcoin Touching $13500 Soon? Trader Showing These Historic Facts


    Bitcoin continues to rise with the rise of traditional assets like Gold

    The king crypto crossed $11500, likely touching $12000

    An anonymous famous crypto trader sees $13500 interesting figure for Bitcoin

The largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin will likely touch $13500 as it has yet again crossed $11500 and close to $12000. Currently, Gold and risk-based assets such as stocks are also touching new milestones every day.

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Bitcoin that had nearly crossed the $12000 for the first time since declining from it’s an all-time high, it crashed back almost to $11000 within hours. However, it gained back the momentum and led the race with a fighting spirit.

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Will Bitcoin Actually Reach $13500?

As Coinpedia reported earlier that Bitcoin’s bull rally is resembling the 2017 bull run, many analysts predict bitcoin whale back in the crypto space. Plan B, an anonymous Bitcoin analyst which predicted $100 trillion as bitcoin price, tweeted the price could reach $13500. 

As per PlanB, back in 2019, when Bitcoin’s price was $4000, many predicted a bearish trend of reaching $1000. But Bitcoin went conversely to reach $6000 and the same mirrors currently. As the crypto community witnessed many anticipations, of the price slashing down $10000 to reach near to $9000, the digital asset rose with a soaring price.

Buy more bitcoin before it reaches $20000

With the bullish trend of the digital asset, many crypto bulls and analysts prefer to buy more bitcoin to be rich. As per them, the next target would be above $20000, which is speculated anytime this year, hold bitcoin is profitable.

The early bitcoin adopters and founders of the Gemini exchange, Winklevoss brothers tweeted that the bitcoin bull race has begun to reach $12000 with a lot of energy in the market. On the other hand, Max Keiser, a famous bitcoin promoter also said that Bitcoin would have the most percent growth, safe haven just like gold.

However, a team of analysts from JP Morgan presented a report of the survey that young people invest more in Bitcoin and the old people still believe in gold. This has initiated a ‘young vs old debate’ on the social media platform.

Conclusively, Bitcoin’s bullish trend was anticipated by many, and some breakdowns are also expected in the course. Therefore, hold bitcoin as much as possible as the $20000 milestone is approaching very soon.

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