Forget BCH, BCHSV Is The “Real” Bitcoin- Calvin Ayre

Bitcoin Cash fork has two forms- Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. Roger Vet is the owner of (BCHABC or BAB), and Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright is a supporter of BCHSV or BSV.

Since its inception, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has caused a lot of controversy in the cryptocurrency community. This is because of its leader’s determination to declare the altcoin as the real Bitcoin, even though nobody shares that opinion outside this circle. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the altcoin formed after the most important fork in the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Many of the BitCoin Cash marketing strategies were controversial because of the confusion they caused in the public. The inexperienced in the cryptocurrency industry were the most affected. Some went as far as defining Bitcoin Cash as “Bitcoin” in page browsers with the mindset of buying tokens. This was a very serious situation that at a point was on the brink of reaching into legal terrain.

Calvin Ayre Says Bitcoin SV Is Real Bitcoin

After the BCH blockchain fork made a few weeks ago, two different forms of this very controversial altcoin were formed. The first was promoted by Roger Vet.  He is the owner of also known as (BCHABC or BAB). The second was supported by Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright. It was also known as (BCHSV or BSV).

The two blockchains were looking to become a chain with the most PoW for there to be a single implementation. Instead, the war came to an end with a chain split from which two different cryptos coming out. This war caused losses of almost 1 million dollars per day for their promoters and also severe damages to the entire ecosystem. It also led to virtually all crypto touching minimum yearly levels with huge losses to investors.

Calvin Ayre support the Bitcoin whitepaper

For practical purposes, BCHABC or BAB version has begun to be accepted as BCH by several exchanges and payment services. It, however, seems that Roger Ver has been paid back in his own coin. Calvin Ayre has defined the BSV version as the real Bitcoin. He described Mr. Ver’s Version as wrong and that it wasn’t complying with what Satoshi Nakamoto thought at the time of writing the Bitcoin (BTC) Whitepaper.

In a post published yesterday, Calvin Ayre’s team promoted Bitcoin SV, calling it the only Bitcoin that fulfills Satoshi Nakamoto’s plan. Though Calvin Ayre claims that Bitcoin SV is the real Bitcoin, his words bring to mind the same assertions Roger has been making since the creation of Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is an altcoin he also promotes as the real Bitcoin described in the whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto.

“Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin and will have the bigger market cap, trade volume and user base in the future.”

So, according to those behind the bitcoin cash fork (BCH), there are currently a collection of at least 4 “real” Bitcoins. They are the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) pre-fork, Bitcoin Cash ABC, Bitcoin Cash Satoshi’s Vision and Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin (BTC)has the longest blockchain with the most significant proof of work.

What do you think about the two bitcoin cash hard forks? Do you believe in Bitcoin SV to stay? Share your views with us via Twitter and Telegram!

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