Bitcoin is an improbable store of value: Bill Gurley and VC expert

The investor Bill Gurley and VC expert (Venture Capitalist) believes Bitcoin is an incredible store of value. In CNBC interview, making it clear he believes that a strong future for Bitcoin is more in destabilized economy.

Bill Gurley states that he’s positivity on Bitcoin’s future in which other currencies are not in an option. However, it represents a stable store of value. His venture has a small position in the crypto assets.

He said,

“I think of it as an incredible store of value in the rest of the world. I don’t think it’s irrational. Many people who live in those types of countries want to be paid in Bitcoin”.

Wall Street sighted the future?

In fact, each and every comment are now reflecting rapidly in Wall Street. Thus, those who had positive opinions as well as who label it as fraud.

Significantly, the growth had sustained the adoption that made it ignore the cryptocurrency.

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According to the Co-founder of SPiCE VC, Ami Ben David,

“Bitcoin is now rewriting the definition books. Historically people thought of a store of value as “an asset you can predictably hold or trade”, but Bitcoin is a DIGITAL store of value, and as such, it adds the exponential Network Effect – Bitcoin is the Facebook of money, used by millions today, but over the next 10 years, it’s real challenge will be to adapt and improve as it reaches billions of users”.

Noticeably, as challenges will sustain as the cryptocurrency market will grow enormously. Since, the utility need to creates stores of value continues to plague the minds of some experts.

Co-founder of Bancor, Eyal Hertzog,

“Store of value” is one of the ways a currency can be used. For anything to be used as SoV it has to be valuable otherwise. Money can be used as SoV since it’s useful for commerce. Gold can be used as SoV due to the market demand for that specific rare substance. For a digital currency to be useful as SoV it probably has to be useful for other purposes”.

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