Bitcoin Is More Volatile Than Apple, Amazon, Wall Street And Major Companies

According to the Chicago Board Options Exchange(CBOE), Bitcoin Price is now more stable than the stocks of big players like Amazon, Apple and Netflix.


Stabilized Crypto-Markets

The volatility is how much the prices fluctuate in a particular time and inherent risks involved with it. As per CBOE, Bitcoin’s price has been in a consolidated statement for more than six months. Moreover, now it is more stable than the shares of Apple, Amazon, and Netflix.

Although Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $20k last December 2027, it has corrected itself and is now in the $6000 bracket causing it to stabilize. This has caused Bitcoin’s price to be stable if not more stable than popular companies like Wall Street.

Further analysis revealed that Bitcoin’s 20-day volatility is 31.5% and is lower than Amazon, which stands at 35% and also lower than Netflix’s 52%. This is a great news as the cryptocurrency market has always been considered as a risky market due to its volatility as compared to stock markets, which are safe bets.

“One standard deviation for Bitcoin at present is 7.3% whereas back in December 2017, it was at 42%,” says a senior instructor at The Options Institute at CBOE, Kevin Davitt. Further continued saying,

Perhaps we are witnessing the maturation of a market. It’s far too early to declare this the “new normal”. However, the persistent range over the last few weeks may be hinting at a structural shift. And only time will tell.

This is true as we’ve been witnessing the bear market ever since the Bitcoin fell down to $6600 price point. It recently spiked to $7000 due to Tether (USDT) fud and has since corrected itself back to the $6600 price point.

The crypto community is, however, optimistic about Bitcoin’s next rally and expects Bitcoin to reach a new high. This might certainly be possible as major financial and nonfinancial players are getting into crypto. Bakkt’s launch will certainly help with the rally out of the $6600 range.

Like Kevin Davitt says, only time will tell about the next all-time high. When do you think this will happen?

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