Bitcoin Price analysis – Blows off everyone with an 18% hike!

  • Bitcoin broke the Resistance levels of $8000 and few others and raised above $9000 on Thursday.
  • Bitcoin needs high support above $9000 to avenge the return of price to $8000 and rise to break the $10000 candle 
  • The Pre-Halving time has some Good colors to Show, the crypto traders started the day with a Sigh.

Bitcoin, The Currency with the largest market cap closed Wednesday at $8790 and Opened Thursday with a Boom! The Thursday market took a Bullish ride and surged the price to cross the $9000 Candle, at the time of writing the price is $9365 and soon will hit the bars of $9500. 

The Bitcoin Halving event is in 2 weeks with increasing speculations about the event. Hereby, it can be strongly predicted that the Pre-halving time can pull the bitcoin price to $10000.

BTC at its Best now! 

With the Ongoing technical analysis, the Price is suspected to rally above $1000 in and after the Thursday market. However, the Seller will back-off now as the Relative Strength Index ( RSI ) is also in bullish action. 

The MACD reports show good coupled trading results and indicate that the $10K is not far. 

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The market is Animal!

Going Parallel, the market needs Support at $9000 if it starts to dump. AFib of 61.8% was last recorded that has swung from $10,495 high to $3930 low. The other Support points below this are at $8000, $85000, $7800, and $7400. 

The Resistance level is at $9,000, $9,400 and $9,500.

So ! Hold you Bitcoin 

What Experts Say about this

Since the News of Bitcoin Halving came out, a series of statements and price predictions have been made by Crypto experts and street traders. On the day when things are actually working, some people have to say something to you. 

Dan Hedl A person full of Crypto positions, Tweets with a remark on the world economy and asks people if they still not thinking of owning a bitcoin with regards to the price hike. 

Pierre Rochard – A Popular Crypto experts, says “ Bitcoin is going to end poverty.”  He Continues to settle the results after Halving by saying

“ Sounds far fetched until you realize how important having seizure-resistant sound money is for building a prosperous civilization. Everyone is going to be better off.” 

Samson Mow – The CSO @ Blockstream and CEO @ Pixelmatic Shared a happening shot of Bitcoin trending in the top 20 in the Chinese twitter stream. 

Travis Kling – The Managing person of Ikigai Crypto asset management, is being humorous in his Reply- tweet by a user over Deutsche bank’s applying Negative Interest on deposit over 1,00,000 euros. 

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