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Bitcoin Price Surge to Highest! Will BTC Price hit $40K This Week?


Bitcoin Price Surging High !

The most interesting rollercoaster ride is being experienced by the Bitcoin holders at present as the asset is jumping new high every new day. Bitcoin price at the moment is very close to $30,000 and expected to touch the marks anytime from now. 


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The BTC price rallied historically since the price has jumped above $20,000 and it is expected that Bitcoin will manifest a similar bull run after it crosses $30,000 too as said by an analyst’s Crypto World.

Now when Bitcoin is all set to hit $30,000, the crypto space and the other analysts say, BTC price to touch $50,000 is imminent.

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Next Set Target is at $40,000!

Bitcoin price is very close to break the milestone at $30,000 as the price at the time of writing is $29851 with an increase of 1.55 percent in the last 24 hours. The price has been rejected at $29990 and attaining $30,000 appears to be imminent.

BTC price

The next target set for the digital asset is at $32,000 as shown in the chart posted by one of the analyst The Moon. The analyst posted a 4 hour chart showcasing the uptrend of the Bitcoin price. However, if the price surges at the same pace, it may hit the target in the weekend also. 

Major Support Level – $30,800

Major Resistance Level – $40,000

But at this moment as far as Bitcoin price does smash $30,000 confidently, the possibilities of getting rejected and entering into a correction phase are more as speculated by an analyst Ivan On Tech.

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