Bitcoin Price May Hit $50k in March – Predicts Former Goldman Sachs Exec


    Bitcoin price is expected to gear up from February after completing the correction phase post mega rally of Dec 2020 - Jan 2021

    According to Ex-Goldman Sachs Exec Raoul Paul, Bitcoin price may touch $50K in March 2021.

    The founder of one of the biggest asset management company provides ideas so that Bitcoin can hit $70K in 2021

March 2021 Will be Different form March 2020

The crypto space had witnessed a serious drop in the month of March 2020 by crashing to the lowest levels under $4000. However, March 2021 is expected to be more fruitful as the price is expected to hit $50K as per a popular analyst and an ex-Goldman Sachs exec.


Raoul Paul, predicts that Bitcoin price may rally to hit $50,000 in March 2021. He says that Bitcoin may bash the barriers of FUD and fear and will have a good chance to hit $50K in March 2021.

The CEO of Bitcoin Exchange, Coin Corner, Danny Scott posted the developments in the bitcoin space this week. In the past couple of days this week,

  • Rothschild investment corp announced an increase in Grayscale holdings.
  • Marathon group buy $150 million of Bitcoin 
  • Harvard, Yale, etc buying Bitcoin
  • Publicly Chinese gaming company The9 bought 26,007 ASICs which is a device designed for the sole mining of digital currency like Bitcoin

The BTC Plunge Fear Continues

Bitcoin price is witnessing a major consolidation phase in order to get ready for a major breakout. However, the trouble of visiting below $30,000 is still not vanished. One of the popular analysts, The Moon has predicted a  BTC price may revisit $28,000.

According to the analyst, the price chart has formed a head and shoulders pattern, and if the BTC price breaks the neckline, it may slide down to $28,000.

Collectively, the Bitcoin price rally is expected to continue further in the coming month and as per the analysts, the price may hit even $50K in March 2021. The other positive events do indicate a similar projection in the crypto space. Hence, BTC price may rally high in 2021 and may also surpass the target to fly high.

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