Bitcoin price hits record high and $4000 is ahead, says Finance expert

There will a temporary drop and so after a drop Bitcoin value that could hit a record high almost $4000 per month says Jarari. It is the prediction of Sheba Jafari, a technical strategy of a 5th wave for the cryptocurrency.


It’s been halfway mark, Bitcoin is having a big year. In January, the value cryptocurrency soared past $1000 and so in February. The value of gold was surpassed by March. Later on, May 10 it hit the high record value of more than $1700/coin. It has set a new record above $3000 and before finishing the month towards to $2500, in June.

Ultimately, 168% was the first half gain of Bitcoin’s which led to different analysts includes Charles Schwab and Mark Cuban chief global investment tactician Jeffery Kleintop suggested that the cryptocurrency is in a bubble.

Goldman Sachs, head of technical strategy Sheba Jafari has sent a note to clients on July 2 Sunday, advised there will be drop in the value of Bitcoin that is how it is more likely to go even higher. He is latest expert to weigh on the future of Bitcoin.

According to Jafari’s note, Bitcoin is still amongst “corrective 4th wave” which was published by Zero Hedge. The value may fall low to $1,857 that is a drop round 25%. According to Jafari, investors of Bitcoin shouldn’t worry about this fall of value as the currency could hit a record value during a 5th wave (high as $3,915).

2017 will definitely a historic year for digital currency, let the Bitcoin value does ascend towards the $4000 or not.

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