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Bitcoin on Its 3,136th Day of Existence Hits $3,136 Per Token

Bitcoin on Its 3,136th Day of Existence Hits $3,136 Per Token

An extreme coincidence that Bitcoin price reached $3136 per token on its 3136th day of existence (August 9, 2017).

On January 1, 2009, the digital currency established.

Although, it shows how the cryptocurrency has prolonged by leaps and bounds since its creation. It also means that the virtual currency is already effectually worth one dollar for every day it occurres.

Note of Bitcoin’s phenomenal rise

According to statistics, it is taken as insignificant which doesn’t matter to most of the regular customers.

In depth, this concurrence displays how Bitcoin performed solidly over the years as associated to other cryptocurrencies. With the careful examination, few virtual currencies that are in continuation today that can match or exceed Bitcoin’s feat.

A Reddit user points out the fiat currencies like dollar cannot match Bitcoin’s performance. Eventually, fiat currencies losses its purchasing power to enhance. Besides, Bitcoin has improved rapidly in purchasing power.

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