Bitcoin CashNews Owner to Launch a BCH Node Software Called Cobra Client

To avoid a permanent split of the blockchain, owner has announced the launch of a new full node Bitcoin Cash client called the Cobra Client.

The controversial owner of stated, Cobra has weighed into the ongoing Bitcoin Cash civil war by announcing the launch of a new full mode BCH client he named Cobra client. This comes as a surprise since cobra was once a known critic of Bitcoin Cash. However, his new found love for the token has led him to become a vocal supporter of the network.

Further his commitments over Bitcoin Cash, Cobra will be launching Cobra client. He states that will be implemented in order to prevent the possible split of the token’s blockchain. He explained that the ongoing discord between Bitcoin Cash development teams Bitcoin ABC and nChain. It will ultimately lead to a permanent split of the network that will slash the value of the cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin Cash network make upgrades every six months and the next hard fork is scheduled to hold on November 15. However, the two developments team have not been able to reach a consensus on upgrades that should be implemented.

What Does The Cobra Client Do?

Cobra stated in the announcement that Cobra clients will neither be adopting the canonical transaction ordering nor the Opcode activation proposed by the two teams of developers. Instead, the software will implement replay protection which will prevent attackers from entering the same transactions on multiple blockchain forks.

Unlike the proposition made by Bitcoin unlimited to have miners vote on the changes to adopt, the new software will stop the addition of new features or upgrades. Cobra explained that his solution is justified since a consensus on the issue seems impossible.

The software will be live in the next few weeks as it is presently undergoing testing.

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