Bitcoin is not a currency, is a commodity says Mohamed El-Erian

The world’s most known financial commentators and investors say that Bitcoin cannot be considered a currency. Mohamed El-Erian sentenced that basically currencies are store of value that must be stable to work as an accurate exchange and be more predictable.

El-Erian, the chief economic advisor at the German financial institution Allianz, said:

“Bitcoins aren’t there yet, they’re still trying to find stability so it’s more of a commodity than it’s a currency”.

In September, El-Erian believes Bitcoin that glorifies and the price fluctuations reflect an assumption that the cryptocurrency spread widely. Meanwhile, he alleged that would not occur.

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Additionally, he stressing on this assertion, telling, that investors in Bitcoin may be waiting for overall adoption. Since, firms and central banks would begin accepting that could be wrong.

El-Erian was more concerned about, “the assumption in the pricing about adoption consistent with reality”.

Moreover, El Erian is not the major figure to view Bitcoin as more of a commodity than a currency. Also including, governors of Bank of Korea and Bank of Mexico gave same estimations.

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