Bitcoin Jesus -Roger Ver concerns about Bitcoin’s future

Rogers Ver, who was nicknamed “Bitcoin Jesus” for his advocate of Bitcoin BTC before splitting with Bitcoin Cash says Bitcoin BTC is not as usable as it.

He says Bitcoin can rise and go one that way for decades but developers behind the project have destroyed its use as money. Ver says he is concerned about BTC’s future.

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Roger Ver, CEO of, said Monday on CNBC’s,

“I think in the short run it can run up a lot more,  Fast Money. But it’s no longer a cryptocurrency. It’s just a game of hot potato at this point, and games of hot potatoes can go on for a long time. And lots of people can pump a lot of money into it and it might go on for even decades. But as far as its [being] used as money, the developers behind that have destroyed that at this point”.

Ver sided with the minority of developers behind Bitcoin Cash after the split. The team favored improving Bitcoin’s transaction speeds and costs this summer while the majority did not.

He bought $25,000 worth of Bitcoins in 2011 that is now worth $425 million.

Bitcoin has never risen in price the way it did after parting with Bitcoin Cash team. This has led to the even entry of Bitcoin futures in the market. The original Bitcoin is now trading at more than $17,000 while Bitcoin Cash is just close to $1,500 according to the latest information from CoinMarketCap.

Ver said that Bitcoin Cash was nearing 1 million wallets and Coinbase would add support for the cryptocurrency.

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