‘Bitcoin Jesus’ the cryptocurrency splitting again

Probably, in November Bitcoin will see yet another split as miner and developers debate how best to scale the cryptocurrency’s rapidly growing marketplace, says chief executive officer of, Roger Ver.

Recently, a group of miners who crunch major math problems to create and transact the virtual currency, split the legacy bitcoin to use a new version as Bitcoin Cash. Ver, has been widely dub “Bitcoin Jesus” for his proselytizing on behalf of the cryptocurrency. Since, he is moving his funds into the new offshoot. Since, his anticipants what would be the second riven in the currency of 2017.

At one-point soaring to records, Bitcoin’s popularity has led to congestion in the trade along with the processing fees and transaction times. Significantly, a dispute over how to deal with the problems has divided the trading community. Intentionally ,to boost number of transactions in each block. Accordingly, miners will verify and further backing for moving some information off the main network.

In the Beginning of August, while splitting occurs with Bitcoin Cash diverging from legacy bitcoin. However, the currency was drooping 6.8% in two days slide as investors tends to discount the value of the new coin.

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In an interview, Ver says,

“Bitcoin Cash is much more in line with the original vision of bitcoin, I’m a much bigger fan. There’s probably going to be another split between bitcoin legacy and SegWit2X version of bitcoin but that just gives me more coins that I can sell for the Bitcoin Cash version.”

He adds, Bitcoin Cash splits because miners will boost transactions. Since, it is more useful as it can be moved more quickly and cheaply than other cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, only few wallets and bitcoin exchange will support the new coin. But, wherein other wont amid the uncertainty over whether Bitcoin Cash will have lasting market value.

China is the place for all bitcoin miners in the world. Ver says, on Beijing’s moves to crack down on cryptocurrency trading and the industries will just move away.

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