‘Bitcoin is Indestructible like Gold’ – Max Kaiser

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    Bitcoin pioneer is yet again with another tweet praising Bitcoin, comparing it with gold. The host of the Keiser report also held an episode of talk show discussing the Crypto-treatment in the country by the U.S regulators.

    ‘Bitcoin is Easier to Transport’

    The American broadcaster does not leave a stone unturned when it comes to supporting ‘Bitcoin’. He always shares his positive views on Bitcoin on social media and also in every interview. Recently he had sais in an interview that ‘Bitcoin is the most secured coin’ and it is dominant compared to other cryptocurrencies.

    Today, he is come up with more strong views on Bitcoin comparing it with gold. In the tweet, he also said that Bitcoin can be easily transported which is a rare event and also can be divisible.

    Keiser-Gurbacs on Bitcoin ETF

    In the recent episode of Keiser Report hosted by Max Keiser, VanEck director and digital asset specialist Gabor Gurbacs, discussed how Bitcoin ETF’s were been deliberately pushed back by the U.S regulators. He said,

    “ There’s a persistent double standards against Bitcoin and digital assets, which I think is wrong,”

    As per Gubacs, over the past couple of years, the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission has denied huge amounts of Bitcoin ETF by mentioning the reasons as proof required on the price of Bitcoin is more accurate or real than what the market has termed.

    *Bitcoin ETF’s is a financial product traded officially on the stock market, where shares represent the exposure to Bitcoin’s price. The EFT’s may be cash-backed or BTC-backed, depending on the product.

    ‘America is becoming like Saudi Arabia’

    Everyone is very well acquainted with the current situation of the world economy specifically the U.S. The steps taken by Fed Reserve is also talk of the town. Now when the market has reopened with three-month high figures and almost all people have resumed their work, Keiser predicted that employment rate which is 13.3%(as of June 05, 2020) could go as high as 100%.

    The reason behind this according to Keiser could be the new fiat currencies being printed by Fed Reserve which amounts to $6 million at present. He further says, the Central Bank do lie about its intentions of fighting deflation. He says,

    “ The money printing goes to Zombie banks, zombie companies and bank cartels that put in their pockets. The productive part of the economy is starved of cash and dies.” 

    He also said that the market has stopped working on fundamentals from 1987 when the U.S government under Ronald Reagan started buying stocks and bonds to bail out corrupt bankers. And since then the program of printing of free money has begun.

    According to Keiser, “ America is becoming Saudi Arabia, a country populated by princes and paupers with no middle class whatsoever.”

    Considering the Whole Story

    Max Keiser has always promoted Bitcoin in all the ways possible. He tries to educate about the positiveness of posing Bitcoin and also discusses the possible way out from the current economic crisis using Bitcoin. Hence it would be very interesting to see, whether his predictions come out true or not.

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