Bitcoin is a Very Powerful asset, says Max Keiser


While the Bitcoin halving is just around the corner, American Broadcaster Max Keiser and host of the finance program Keiser Report on the Media Channel Russia Today (RT) claims that Bitcoin coin is a very powerful asset. 


He further added that Bitcoin is no less than companies that top the stock-charts like Apple and Amazon. He believes that Bitcoin can literally be a game-changer for participants if used thoughtfully.

Well, this is not the first time, back in Feb 2020 he claimed to say that bitcoin price will hit $400k and more on the record. 

Max turned to Twitter and tweeted on May 10 that, “#Bitcoin’s volatility is no different than $AAPL or $AMZN, or any other big cap growth stock. Economists alarmed by this obviously never owned any of these, that’s why there’s not a single economist billionaire.”

Can Bitcoin and companies like Amazon and Apple be compared?

Though Keiser was the first one to ever compare Bitcoin to Amazon or Apple directly many crypto-enthusiasts like to initiate the same and bring up Apple to prove that Bitcoin is not less than anything and has a long way to go.

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Volatility does not concern Keiser

Max manifests that he does not understand why people are afraid of Bitcoin’s volatile nature. He further added, oil which was considered to be one of the most stable assets turned out to be more Volatile than Bitcoin ever was. 

Meanwhile addressing the negative price of the oil that particular day which was a negative $37.63 a barrel. 

In addition, he pointed out the price of stocks that dwindled at an alarming rate on account of the COVID-19 crisis. It’s 2020, still, nothing can be labeled as stable it seems. 

On this note, he commented that economists who comment about Bitcoin being volatile would never be billionaires since they ignore opportunities like these. 

Further, he predicted that Bitcoin might soar up to $400,000 after the halving and suggested that no one should get discouraged by its volatility.

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