Bitcoin Gold Price Analysis – BTG Coin Enjoy Bullish Trend Surging 16%

At present, Bitcoin is swinging wildly between $7,900 to $8,000 , this ride has put investor and trader into fears as it seems that the recent bitcoin bull run may have already ended.

The bitcoin price has surged around 50% over past 30 days, pulling many other major cryptocurrencies with it. At the time of writing, many coin in the top 100’s are enjoying bullish trend except few altcoins with minor losses.

One of the leading altcoin in terms of gains is Bitcoin SV [BSV] with more than 70% growth trading at $112.31. Followed by BSV the second leading altcoin in top 50 crypto market is Bitcoin Gold [BTG]

Bitcoin gold price has increased by 16.29% against USD, trading at$24.96 USD. In terms of BTG/BTC the price spiked up by 15.66% with trading value 0.00314786 BTC.

Currently, the BTG coin is ranking in 26th position, holding market cap $437,222,914 USD with $39,725,748 USD  24-hour volume and 17,513,924 BTG circulating supply.

According to technical Indicators

The MACD indicator has turned bullish on the one-hour time frame and continues to issue a sell signal.

The Relative Strength indicator has turned bullish on the one-hour time frame which is slightly above 70 level.

The Bollinger Band is showing expanding volatility in the market.

The Chaikin Money Flow indicates the Bullish Trend, continuous Buying Pressure ,rising prices coinciding with CMF values above 0

The Awesome Oscillator showed a bullish buying opportunity or short-term momentum in the market.

The Parabolic SAR markers were above the candles and showcased a bearish market.

Recently, Bitcoin gold platform announced regarding the upcoming updates in the platform. The platform claimed that, Lightning Network, LN wallets, Plasma, Neutrino, btcd/btcsuite, Schnorr Signatures & more to come.

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