Bitcoin Futures commercial at the Super Bowl ads sparks huge debate

Super Bowl ads is mainly popular for its interesting commercial and half time shows. Recently, its wondering as by TD Ameritrade talking about Bitcoin futures.

An advertisement of TD Ameritrade bank’s involvement in Bitcoin futures took many by surprise. Why because it was unexpected and secondly, to some, cryptocurrency is something negative.

TD Ameritrade started offering access to CBOE’s Bitcoin futures last month. It is one of the top three brokerages in the US.

The ad came in the first commercial break after the anthem.

Super Bowl ads, which come during half time shows, are popular. This is because the sporting event is consider by billions around the year. Bitcoin futures ad sparked both positive and negative comments from different people, and for different reasons. This was witnessed especially on Reddit forum. According to a number of comments on Reddit, one concern about the Bitcoin futures was their motive.

One user said was concerned that the futures are cash settles and no Bitcoin actually changes hands. This means that people are just gambling on the price rather than investing, which means that it is a zero-sum game (negative, once you subtract fees) rather than something where everyone can win (such as when you buy real bitcoin).

Another user added that,

“Seriously though. It mean Bitcoin is to give purchasing power back to the people and keep the global bankers and Wall Street elite out. Futures just allow Wall Street and their billions to toy with and manipulate bitcoin!”

Another issue of concern among people, according to the comments was eligibility. The brokerage announced that clients needed a minimum of $25,000 to trade the futures.

One person replied to a Whalepool post on Twitter about the futures.

“I strongly disagree. when the futures launched there was exactly providers that would let you place trades and two clearing firms.. and You had to be an exchange member to do so.”

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