Bitcoin for the first time traded above $3000

Bitcoin for the first time traded $3000 above, with a currency huge demand from Asia-based investors.

“According to source, the cryptocurrency climbed to $3012.05”

Bitcoin is now trading hugely since the last update on Dec.31 was $968 which has increased nearly 30% in the month of June 2017.

For the first time, there is a massive surge in Bitcoin price. Besides, It is also supported by increased demand from Asia-based investors. According to reports, the Sunday trading price of Bitcoin is climbed to $3012.05.

The sources reports – on Chinese market (BTCC) this currency has traded nearly $40 to $60. Accordingly, various Chinese Bitcoin exchanges facilitated customers to resume withdrawals of virtual coins.

Bitcoin performance this week

According to Tim Enneking –  Cryptocurrency hedge fund manager, Bitcoin is growing hugely but non-bitcoin currencies are growing even faster.

Agreed fact- Bitcoin will likely benefit from new investor interest and rolling concerns of “cryptos like ether”- According to Jehan Chu, the managing partner at cryptocurrency Fund Jen advisors.

As per Arthur Hayes – Founder of Hong Kong-based exchange BitMEX, Bitcoin currency is “most talked-about cryptocurrency”.

Along with China fact, Japanese have also shown the interest with the approval from their government that Bitcoin to be traded as a legal payment method in April.

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