Two vicious Bitcoin Exchange Apps ejects from Google Play Store

According to news source, recently two vicious Bitcoin Exchange Apps were thrown out from the Google Play store. Since, these apps were similar to official app Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, the apps were use for obtaining user credentials and steal funds.

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Among two, the well known app namely “POLONIEX” was develop by developer ‘Poloniex’. It was available on Google Play and well manage to above 5000 users to install.

The one namely, “POLONIEX EXCHANGE” was in print by “POLONEX COMPANY” with only 500 installations.

Meanwhile, ESET inform Google about the existence of these apps were kick out from the store.

ESET posts reads:

“With access to the user’s Poloniex account as well as to the associated Gmail account, the attackers can make transactions using the compromised account and erase any notifications about unauthorized login and transactions from the victim’s inbox”.

Remarkably, user must set up two-factor authentication(2FA) as the scammers couldn’t access user’s Google Authenticator apps.

Moreover, to stay safe, always recheck the app ratings, reviews and use 2FA of that mobile app. However, one much be careful of Google prompts as cyber criminals have been taking pro of Google’s reputation.

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