No Coin is as Secure and Dominant as Bitcoin – Max Keiser



  • Max Keiser claims that Bitcoin dominates among all the cryptocurrencies providing high security
  • He links Bitcoin’s recent price plunge to the ongoing US political Chaos 
  • Keiser urged people to showcase their anger by investing in Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Has no Cryptocurrency Rivals!

Max Keiser, host of Keiser report and a bitcoin promoter, on his appearance on London Real, put forth the strengths of Bitcoin compared to the other Altcoins. He claimed Bitcoin to be the most Powerful & secure cryptocurrency compared to the other coins like Ripple, Ethereum or any Altcoin. 

Talking on Bitcoin he said,

“There’s no coin out there that can do what Bitcoin doesn’t do already or will be able to do shortly. What you’re buying with Bitcoin is security.”

Adding to the substance, Keiser said even the hard forks of bitcoin such as bitcoin cash lack security compared to Bitcoin. He further said, other coins like Ripple, Ethereum are ‘Pure Exit Scams’ designed to influence the investors without any gain. He advised to be away and avoid these coins.

Bitcoin Price Surge is Due to Political Mess

Currently, the US is witnessing a huge protest in two cities following the death of George Floyd in Police Custody. And on the other hand, the Bitcoin price spiked to $9760 from $9561 which is the highest level since May 20.

He also said that the government’s decision to slash the interest rates also fueled the surge in prices of Bitcoin.

Keiser believes the rise in the price is due to the escalation of the riots by the government. His argument can be held with another example of the U.S – Iran tensions in January 2020. The Bitcoin price also plunged when the pandemic had good control but recovered later.

The Only Way to Beat the System is with Bitcoin!!

With the series of tweets, Keiser urged people to invest in Bitcoin as it has more value to the normal fiat currency. He also encouraged the people to show their anger to the government by investing in Bitcoin.

Wrapping it Up! 

Max Keiser, has expressed his own views on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency from the beginning. He has also predicted the growth of the Bitcoin’s Market value and the hash rate to grow to 99% in the coming five years. He too believes that Bitcoin can compete with Gold. The future predictions done by Keiser are very interesting and await the results.

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