Bitcoin Dominance Drops Below 60 Percent While Altcoins Continue to Rally


    The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin dominance drops down below 60 percent according to Coinmarketcap ratings. Is the growing altcoin market shaking the dominant Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Dominance Slides below 60 Percent

The most dominant crypto Bitcoin is witnessing a decline in its dominance as the other altcoins and Ethereum are slowly becoming more supreme. The digital asset which had attained the highest ever dominance rate after the 2018 breakout of nearly 70 percent in September 2019 has now slid below 60 percent as per Coinmarketcap ratings.

Bitcoin Dominance Chart – Coinmarketcap

Bitcoin had enjoyed the major share of the dominance of about 73 percent in 2019. Specifically when Bitcoin was trading at $14000. Further, it declined but maintained above 60 percent. However, the fall in the dominance has led to the eruption of the other altcoins in the crypto space, which managed to accumulate some percentage in the dominance ratings.

Altcoins Continue to Rally

The downtrend with Bitcoin, whether its price or dominance, led to the start of the altcoin season in the early 2020s. This surge in altcoins is likely due to growing market of Defi tokens, decentralized platforms, and soaring altcoins like Ethereum, Chainlink, Dogecoin, etc.

Crypto Market – Coinmarketcap

 Currently, as per the coinmarketcap ratings, the downturn of the Bitcoin’s dominance has erupted the Ethereum’s dominance which managed to cross 10 percent. The Ethereum holds 12.29 percent and XRP 3.62 percent of the market dominance.

One of the Bitcoin insight providers on Twitter, The Moon tweeted the decline in the dominance of Bitcoin. It also highlights that the altcoin season of 2017-18 would return. 

Yet another Bitcoin influencer Lark Davis said that the altcoin season would be insane if the bitcoin dominance keeps on breaking down. However, when asked how would bitcoin reach heights amid sinking dominance, Mark replied that Bitcoin hit all-time heights with much lower dominance.

Long story short, Bitcoin regardless of the sinking dominance is expected to bounce back. In fact, predictions note that it may surpass the earlier all-time heights. Moreover, as per the analysis, it may crush the altcoins by touching nearly 80 percent dominance, whereas ETH and the other altcoins like ADA, LINK, and many more tokens are also expected to have a bull rally this year. 

So readers, what’s your take on the soaring value of digital assets? Do you think Bitcoin dominance will fall even more? Let’s discuss on Twitter – Tag us @CoinpediaNews

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