Bitcoin continues to rule like Whale in the sea

With the emergence of Bitcoin cash, there is an all time High in the Bitcoin price.

When a person speaks about trading at Cryptocurrency market, the first name he may take is “Bitcoin”. Bitcoin is emerging and all time demanding Cryptocurrency in the present market.

The success of this cryptocurrency is not only the high demand from large users but a quick recovery after crises. However, the recent Bitcoin fork has eventually turned up to the good move for Bitcoin value. Many investors are dumping Bitcoin Cash, trading more Altcoins and Bitcoins among the top 100 cryptocurrencies gaining massively.

Kumar Gaurave, Founder of Cashaa- Auxesis Group supports Bitcoin growth “Bitcoin has successfully established and matured good scope of cryptocurrency market compared to other”

He further positively says; institutional money is greatly focused towards Bitcoin with the price increase in itself grasp great investor’s attention.

Gaurav moreover stated

“There is increasing legal recognition, increasing media attention, a growing usability and acceptance, while the original, political reasons leading to Bitcoin’s popularity are strong as ever. Most recently the EU announcing the possibility for it to freeze bank accounts to prevent banks from failing, reminding of what caused the first ever Bitcoin rally, the Cyprus savings raid.”

Though Bitcoin is not controlled but will reach $10000 in coming three years

Now with a small portion of the population supporting Bitcoin, it has already reached an enormous growth by simplifying transactions and trading. Though there are many cryptocurrencies which seem to be decentralized. But in realism, Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the one which is truly not controlled by anyone.

The strong Bitcoin believer “Simon Dixon – CEO underlined that

“Bitcoin is truly decentralized and has a sound monetary policy”

He further explains that the initial time of Bitcoin involves many challenges. Scaling was the latest one. He points that, since nobody controls Bitcoin. It took a period of 3years to complete the debate and reach new phase for scaling solutions.

Furthermore, Dixson notes that with more scaling now, Bitcoin cryptocurrency can now accomplish huge demand. In the course of development, it will definitely face many challenges. It is because community strives to advancing up the scalability, other key features and solve more privacy problem as they feel – he noted.

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