Bitcoin Cash lead dev says Bitcoin has split into two

Bitcoin Cash lead developer, Deadal Nix, says Bitcoin is dead from August after splitting into two. He says there is now Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core/Legacy.

The tweet was a response to Alphonse Pace tweet claiming Bitcoin was being labeled Bitcoin Legacy in an attempt to scam Bitcoin users. He says Bitcoin Cash can’t become Bitcoin even with the labeling.

The statements came at a time when Bitcoin is past $8,000 mark. Also Bitcoin Cash a new high of above $1,600, and an aftermath of an attempt to scam Bitcoin users. In the scam attempt, users lost money on claims they would be made to join Bitcoin Gold.

Bitcoin proponent Alphone Pace responds to the tweet by Nix. Thus, it reveals that the scam was a well-coordinating effort to take Bitcoin down and claim its throne.

Bitcoin promoter Charlie Shrem also gave a quick response on Twitter. Since he would take Bitcoin Core over Nix any day.

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Alphonse Pace also said Bitcoin’s new height of above $8000 mark was not coincidental with Bitcoin Cash. Thus existence and that those supporting Bitcoin Cash were holding the cryptocurrency back.

CNN says the increase in the price of Bitcoin Cash comes from adoption by more Bitcoin platforms. For instance, Bitstamp and Blockchain exchange and wallet platforms want to integrate the currency. Integration of Bitcoin Cash in these platforms will increase liquidity except for Bithumb, Korbit and Coinone exchanges from South Korea accounted for 60% of Bitcoin Cash’s trading volume in the recent past. CEO Roger Ver has been promoting Bitcoin Cash to the extent that Litecoin creator Carlie Lee criticizing him.

Back to Bitcoin, many media reports show the rise in Bitcoin price as coming from announcements of upcoming CME Group Bitcoin Futures Contracts in mid-December and funds despite the currencies recent turmoils.

Analysts say Bitcoin will reach $10, 000 by end of the month and Russia Today’s ‘Keiser Report’ Max Keiser says that Bitcoin value would rise to $100,000 and called Bitcoin Cash a fraud taking advantage of Bitcoin brand.

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