Bitcoin Cash launched its website

Bitcoin Cash- one among the leading cryptocurrencies have launched its own website – The website is quite simple and neat with a Big Bitcoin Cash logo on the banner. The banner visibly states its brief as “Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash”.

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The currency which has launched a month ago (on 1st August)was a result of the split in Bitcoin blockchain. It is to be consider that the emergence of Bitcoin cash in crypto market has affected the price and working operation of existing cryptocurrencies and crypto exchange. Though, it has come under a lot of criticism by many of the traders/investors/firms for its scalability issues, but on the very first day, this currency was getting traded over $200 which is extremely higher than the present price of other currency (except ETH and BTC).

New Feature website states about Bitcoin Cash

However, this was an appreciative currency by miners . The new website present new feature of the Bitcoin cash with a definite instance.

The feature indicates –

  • On chain scalability
  • New Transaction Signatures
  • Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA)
  • Decentralized Development.

Bitcoin Cash website exposed crypto exchange

Nevertheless, the website has been launched after a month and so many flaws and fluctuations in market, it officially presented list of cryptocurrency exchange where this currency is potentially being traded. The list comprises, Via BTC, Bittrex, Kraken, and so on.

Bitcoin cash presents exchange

The exciting thing here is that exchange logos have not linked to their website URL but linked to articles. These articles describe their efforts towards accepting Bitcoin Cash and procedure.

The website also presents Wallets and Service platforms. Wallets contains, Bitcoin ABC, BitcoinClassic, Bitcoinunlimited, Trezor  etc and Services mentioned as Blockchair, Rocketr, Tipper and even more.

Frequently asked questions section is also being provided to support its user with most frequent questions. It includes as to What is Bitcoin cash, is Bitcoin Cash is different from Bitcoin and many other. collects most frequent updates from cryptocurrency market as to launch, announce, price volatility and other to facilitate its audience gets quick info respectively.


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